Playful approach for children

Children’s yoga is very different from the classical yoga or what we as adults have come to know about yoga. Children’s yoga focuses on a very playful approach to promote self-confidence and perception on various levels.

Stories and role-plays are of great importance. There is balancing, romping, exploring but also resting. We talk to each other and listen to each other. At a children’s yoga class, the diversity of the children present is perceived. Many aids such as cushions, blankets and bright cloths are used. It is a colourful interplay embedded in constant rituals at the beginning and end of each class.

Social interaction is encouraged, while practice units derived from traditional knowledge accompany the hours of children’s yoga. The children get to know themselves and their various abilities in children’s yoga. Social skills such as mindfulness, respect, concentration, movement, body awareness, self-confidence and gratitude are being explored and learnt about. Young humans are also brought into contact with challenges and limits to practice acceptance and comfort – and appreciate – their own limits and those of others. Respectful interaction forms a core aspect of the approach.

Children’s yoga for children with disabilities

As a special education teacher I have many years of experience in connecting and communicationg with people who have different abilities and disabilities. I offer children’s yoga for children with and without intellectual, physical or complex disabilities (e.g. children who use a wheelchair). There is no need for active physical involvement of the person to be taught. Depending on the individual needs and physical as well as emotional prerequisites, postures are adopted, into which I accompany the students with high awareness. There is no muscular effort of the student necessary. Stress and body tensions can be released by this individual accompaniment by breathing together with a lot of rest and time to just be. Props such as pillows and blankets provide important support at all times.

Kids yoga classes start from 3 years onwards. Courses can take place in groups or as individual lessons. I also come to your home to enjoy a playful session ot to show you exercises for you and your child that you can easily integrate into your daily life.

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Kids are the beings that are closest to the inner state of bliss – that we all carry within us.