Hi, I’m Rike! I am a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, the Founder of mattentiger yoga and Special Education Teacher currently based in Cologne, Germany.

I started practicing Yoga in 2008 when I lived in Australia right near the coast. I needed a little time to discover yoga for myself and to feel the benefits. Today I know: Yoga brings me closer to myself. Closer to knowing what is good for me. The physical practice stabilizes my well-being, the yogic philosophy has helped me to find balance in the ever changing circumstances of life as such.

I decided to become a yoga teacher during my studies at the University of Cologne which then led me to travel to India to study in 2015. I have been teaching yoga in Germany and India since then. In 2017 an advanced Yoga Teacher Training followed, focussing on applying Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine to Yoga. In 2018 I completed my Pregnancy Yoga Training. Today I am qualified with 600 training hours and numerous teaching experiences.

My philosophy as a yoga teacher

Having studyed many different styles of Yoga and taught Yoga to students and other Yoga Teachers during the past five years in Germany and India, organically my own philosopy and view was shaped on what yoga should and should not be.

The style of yoga should adapt to the needs of every individual practicioner.

Yoga needs to adapt to the needs of the practitioner. Not the other way around. Everybody’s yoga practice is unique. Yoga must be taught according to each students’ unique needs. As the concept of yoga offers many differnet layers that we also refer to as limbs, Yoga can be shared and perceived in various forms. As a yoga teacher, I want to help others to increase their self-confidence, inner strength and ability to concentrate. At the same time Yoga helps to reduce stress and increases the flexibility of ones body and mind.

Yoga is for everyone. Yoga is known for its positive effects such as Yoga is for everyone. It is known to have many physical benefits such as strengthening and toning the body. Yes, it certainly does do that. But there is so much more to yoga! As a practicioner and teacher I focus on the importance of using the breath as a tool to guide us to access the many different layers of yoga. Mattentiger yoga is for everybody!

I offer yoga to people for whom the ‘general’ yoga class would not be accessible or profitable. Yoga for People with (severe) Disabilities for example shares the same roots using absolutely differents tools and methods.

The concept of mattetiger yoga is based on different yoga styles. With mattentiger everyone can find the teaching that suits their personal needs. Each lesson follows a specific theme. Besides different yoga styles, I also come to your home for private lessons. I also give advanced training for staff in educational institutions. See my offers for more information.

I work with adults, pregnant women, children and people with disabilities. You have questions? Feel free to write me!

Yours, Rike

Thank you to all my teachers. Namaste.

Hit the mat, tiger!