Yoga in educational institutions and companies

As an experienced yoga teacher, trainer for yoga teachers and special needs teacher, I offer yoga workshops and further education on various topics and for different target groups.

Research has shown that the use of yoga and meditation in everyday life at work and/or school can help both – adults and children – to better cope with stressful situations and (unexpected) changes. Through different methods and approaches of yoga, meditation and relaxation, children and adults encounter new ways of dealing with and enjoyinging their individual everyday lives.

Less stress through yoga in everyday life!

Every teacher knows this: At some point during the class there seems to be no turning back – the students become restless and no longer focus. A small yoga and meditation session can already help to come back to concentration.

Because it is proven: Meditation and movement, concentration and breathing exercises help to deal with stress in a healthy way. With the methods and practical tips taught, you, your child or your team can find relief in everyday life with small units of 5 – 10 minutes a day.

I work as a special needs teacher myself and have many years of work experience in schools and extracurricular institutions. Yoga and meditation in schools and educational institutions offer the following benefits:

Concentration ability is increased

Learning ability rises

The class becomes calmer and more attentive

Social skills, such as mindfulness and respect, are trained

Children explore body awareness

Frustration tolerance is influenced positively

Own limits and abilities and those of others are leant to be appreciated and accepted

Promotion of physical and mental health

Through your participation in a workshop you will learn methods from yoga and meditation that you can apply in your everyday life with children, colleagues and employees. Yoga and meditation can be used as a ritual at the beginning of a lesson, as a break or even as a time-out concept in the institution (meditation instead of sanction).

The workshops are aimed at day-care centres, primary schools, secondary schools and companies. Pedagogical experts learn how to integrate small children’s yoga units into everyday life! Trainings are individually designed in close consultation.

What can Yoga for people with disabilities look like?

I offer further education for people who work and/or live together with people with disabilities and are looking for more participation for people with disabilities. Find out more on the page about yoga therapy.

Workshops for you!

Building your own yoga practice at home is not easy. Do you want to integrate advanced asanas (yoga postures) or concepts like Ayurveda and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) into your yoga practice? Together we will create an individual concept for you!

Yoga workshops at your workplace?

You want to offer workshops for your colleagues at your school? Your company needs a concept of how to integrate yoga and meditation into the daily life? Or you would like to have an individual guideline for your individual yoga exercises? Get in touch with me now!